Apartments in DC with Dog Parks

We put the, “Pet” in Pet-Friendly

 Have you ever been in a position where after weeks of searching and researching, you finally thought you’ve identified the perfect apartment? You looked into the community, and found that it offers everything you want; an ideal location close to work, flawless apartment features, multiple amenity spaces, including a massive gym as well as a pool. Above it all, this community is also pet-friendly, making it easy for your long-time companion to join you on your new adventure.

At that moment though, you realize that you forgot to ask yourself, what does that community offer your pet? Is there a safe place for your dog to roam free and make friends? Does this community promote and host pet events along with regular events? You ask yourself, “Besides just allowing access for my pet to live here, is the community I’m leaning towards, truly pet-friendly?”

At The Collective, we’re proud that we can honestly answer, “Yes” to that question. We are conveniently located just steps from Capitol Riverfront’s “Bark & Go” Dog Park. Here your pet has the freedom to let loose, and run along a 3,000+ square foot plain of fresh sand.

Bring out their favorite toy, throw it, and smile as you watch your dog’s tongue cut through the wind as they have the time of their lives chasing down a frisbee at this amazing Dog Park. You will also have a great time meeting other pet-lovers and allowing your dog to make some friends of their own.

The Park also takes away the worry of your pet running out into the street when you’re not paying attention. Each end of the park is fenced-in giving you an opportunity to take a seat on one of the park benches while your pet plays around the park. Trust us, your pet will thank you.

Does my pet qualify?

We love all pets! To see a more a more in-depth look into the specific parameters regarding your best-friend, review our pet policy.

The fun doesn’t stop at The Dog Park

Your pet’s fun doesn’t stop when you all leave the park. We’re also passionate about making sure that we plan and host pet-friendly events that make your dog feel like a part of The Collective family too. Our “Yappy” Hour event is the craze of the community.


Residents are welcomed to bring their pets to our rooftop, and allow them to enjoy festive pet treats, play with some new toys. We also set up costume stations just in case you want to take pictures of your companion in a mustache, and remember the moment forever!