2019 Rooftop Season Tips

The Summer season is in full swing, and off to an amazing start. Now we welcome July. Along with the rising temperatures, it’s time to take your current apartment experience up to the next level, and truly tap into one of the biggest reasons you decided to live at The Collective; the rooftop! The views are stunning, the amenities are plentiful, and the overall vibe is unlike any other. All the elements you need to have a winning rooftop season is right at your fingertips at The Collective Apartments!

Here are some quick rooftop tips to help maximize your rooftop experience at The Collective.

Reserve the fun ahead of time

While the pools are not available to reserve for private parties, there are five rooftop spaces that can be reserved.

The Park Chelsea rooftop has three spaces:

  • North Facing (Facing the Capitol)
  • West Facing (Under the Canopy)
  • Southwest Corner (Facing the river)

The Agora rooftop has two spaces:

  • Northwest Corner
  • Southwest Corner

Apart from enjoying the Summer is being able to take a weekend to enjoy the closeness of your family and friends. What better place to do it than your magnificent rooftop. Take control of the experience and eliminate the worry of wondering if a certain area is going to be available for a particular weekend.

Reserve your location today!

Experience the rooftop at night

(Don’t forget the rooftop is open until 11 PM)

 There’s nothing wrong with some fun in the sun, but having access to the rooftop after the sun goes down opens up an entirely new night experience. Enjoy a nice relaxing summer evening on the rooftop of while you look over the bright lights of DC. You could also enjoy a nice movie night with friends on one of the big screen TVs on the roof at Agora, each with plenty of seating around it. One TV is in the Northwest Corner of the roof, the other is directly next to the grilling station so you can easily accessibility for an evening bite to eat.

Perfect for an outdoor workout

You don’t have to wait for the next rooftop fitness class to happen in order to have an amazing workout up-top. The rooftop is always a great change of pace from your typical workout in the gym. It’s something about being outside that adds a different level to your fitness experience. Get up before work, and grab an early morning workout as you watch the sunrise. Or unwind after work with an evening session as the sun starts to go down. Either way, we’re proud to be able to truly offer an elevated overall fitness experience on The Collective rooftop.

Your rooftop season deserves to be celebrated correctly. Take advantage of these Collective rooftop tips, and open up your Summer possibilities.


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