5 Collective Amenities You Probably Didn’t Know About

The Collective life is an amazing amenity life.

The Collective lifestyle is far from your average apartment experience. When you live at The Collective, you are choosing to live more! From incredible rooftops views to inclusive resident lounges and plenty more in between, there are not too many apartment communities that can match the living capabilities we’re proud to offer our residents every single day. But with every gift comes a curse. (Even though this doesn’t really count as one). The Collective is so full of glamorous amenities that sometimes it can become easy to overlook some of our more “subtle” building features. To help save you some time, we have included below some of our favorite building features that you might not have known about or forgotten. Look, we understand, everyone loves the flashy features, but a part of what makes us a great community is the thoughtful design we put behind every single amenity, no matter how big or small. So dive into our list below, and let us know which amenity is your favorite! 

Steam Rooms:

Did you know that living at The Collective means having access to a free steam!? On the first floor of Park Chelsea, residents’ are invited to use our steam rooms to recover from a hard workout or simply de-stress from a long day. Our steam room area comes complete with towels and sitting areas for you to get comfortable.

We know that everyone needs good steam at some point or another. At The Collective, getting your hands on one is as easy as getting on the elevator. So next time you’re not feeling like yourself, head to Park Chelsea for an excellent spa experience.

Bike Repair/Storage Station

Did you know that living at The Collective means having access to repair your bicycle? With this access, residents can get their bikes properly prepped for all kinds of adventures around DC during the warm months while being able to store their bicycles in our controlled temperature storage area during the colder months. 

Indoor Amphitheater:

When the Garrett was completed, it opened the door for an entirely new set of exciting new amenity features. The indoor amphitheater was one of our favorite new building features. Here residents have an entire area where they can relax, read, or interact with their neighbors. You can bask in sunshine from the skylight without having to expose yourself to the outdoor temperatures.  Surrounded by stunning greenery, the amphitheater is a place where you can simply exist. If you’re looking for an area to get outside of your apartment, look no further than the amphitheater at The Garrett for an incredible vibe.  

Rooftop Spa/Jacuzzi:

Okay, we can admit that this particular amenity is probably never overlooked. Still, any chance we can get to talk about our brand new spa jacuzzi space at The Garrett, we’re going to take it every time! What better way to decompress than with the best views in the city and water jets running up your back! The spa area is a great place to grow your current relationships with your guest visit and create new ones with your Collective neighbors. We are excited to see the full potential of what this new amenity area will mean for the entire community. 

Car Wash Station:

Our new washing stations are going to be your car’s best friend. Located on the 3rd level at The Garrett garage, you no longer have to leave your residence for a much-needed car wash. They say having a clean car is good for the spirit, and as a resident of The Collective, your spirit is in good hands! So next time you have some extra time, pull up to the manual wash station for bonding time with your car. 

Building features are essential to us; we understand that they are the catalyst for long-lasting relationships in The Collective community. We encourage our residents to explore all we offer from a building perspective and curate their apartment living journey. 

For a complete list of all of our community features, click here.

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