6 Reasons Why Collective Work is Better than your Kitchen Table

The Collective Work gives you true work freedom.


This past year we’ve all gotten very familiar with the interiors of our apartments. They’ve been the location of our working, living, exercising, and binge-watching. While strong Wi-Fi and Zoom have made working from home doable, let’s face it, the kitchen table is not the ideal location for rocking your workday. From the poor posture that comes with hunching over the table to all the distractions that call your name (we see your laundry pile that is begging to be folded and a puppy that wants just one more belly rub), there are several reasons to find a better place than your apartment to conduct your workday.  

You need a space to knock out your work distraction-free. And that is where Collective Work comes in. The Collective Work isn’t your average co-working space. After all, how many co-working spaces do you know that require zero commute! For Collective residents, this changes the game in a big way!

Our co-working space also offers all of the resources needed for a productive work experience every day of the week and on those occasional power work weekends. 

Here are some more reasons why our Collective co-working space is a better option than your kitchen table.

1) Dedicated desk free from distractions of home

Working in a natural work environment is something most of us haven’t had access to in the past year. Take back your ideal workflow by capitalizing on our hot desks and dedicated work areas. 


2) Zero Commute 

We know you don’t miss those hour-long commutes to the office. With The Collective Work, those long commutes will remain a thing of the past. One elevator ride is all that it takes to be surrounded by an inspiring workspace.


3) High-Security, High-Speed Internet 

The internet connection at The Collective Work functions on a high-powered, 1GBPS- 1000/35  circuit. The internet is secured by VPN credentials, meaning that only co-working members can access the server.

The co-working internet speed also moves 5x faster than in other Collective community spaces allowing our co-working members to achieve their work projects more efficiently. 

Add a special kind of internet speed and protection to your work life by becoming a Collective Work member today.


4) A Space Designed for Work 

By now, we realize that our kitchen table is not as comfortable as we might have thought. The Collective Work has ergonomic chairs and desks designed to keep your mind and body aligned as you complete your daily tasks. 


5) You can still pop home for lunch/to walk the dog, etc.

While you will be separated from your apartment home during your workdays, you’re never too far from a quick at-home lunch, walk with your dog, or any other tasks you find yourself needing to complete. Once you’re done, head back and lock back in for a productive day.


6) Dedicated Collective Work Event Series

The final and one of the most exciting pieces about spending your days at The Collective Work is having exclusive access to our event series. Here, members of Collective Work will be able to attend special guest series, networking talks, and much more! 

Right now you can take advantage of some special pricing at Collective Work. Reserve a dedicated hot desk for $60/month! Get more information here or email CoWork@thecollectivedc.com

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