Best Places in DC to Watch the Leaves Change Color

We know some great locations to watch the leaves change color.

The heart of the fall season is here, and that means it’s time to start setting your weekend plans to witness the leaves change to those beautiful colors! Living in Capitol Riverfront gives you access to various locations to snuggle up and watch the beauty this time of year brings. As you prepare your list of sites to want to visit this fall season, use the list below as inspiration in finding the perfect place to relax, sit back, and take a dope photo or three. All of the fall foliage you can ever ask for is located right in your backyard! 

Theodore Roosevelt Island: Located in the heart of the Potomac River, this little island is the perfect fall adventure! Complete with beautiful tall trees, bridges, fountains, and ponds, you will want to spend a lot of time here this fall season. But, no matter when you decide to go throughout the day, morning or evening, the TR Island offers a peaceful, serene atmosphere that you will fall in love with over and over again.

National Arboretum: The National Arboretum is one of DC’s top places to watch the beauty of fall this season! There’s something about how the warm seasonal colors blend with the structures and greenery at The National Arboretum that makes it a must-go location all fall season long!

Swann Street NW: Swann Street NW might be the most photographic street the district has to offer! Going there this fall season means that you have access to both worlds; fantastic scenery accompanied with a stunning fall aesthetic. Once you arrive, you will notice giant trees that hover over the street, creating a masterful live portrait setting. As the leaves change from green to orange to shades of yellow and brown, Swann Street is the perfect place to capture all of the beauty!

Georgetown Neighborhood: One word: Brownstones! The Georgetown neighborhood is known to have some of the most brownstone buildings in the country. As a bonus, the fall season and brownstone building blend so well together. So spend a weekend walking around the Georgetown neighborhood, and appreciate the fall beauty that the Georgetown neighborhood brings!

Rock Creek Park: Last but certainly not least is Rock Creek Park! What better way is there to take in the mesmerizing beauty of fall than with a peaceful walk around DC’s most popular trails. Here you will find yourself surrounded by all of the colors trees bring during the fall while focusing on your mindfulness. 

Fall might be the most beautiful season we have! Visit one of these locations above to capture memories all season long!

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