Capitol Riverfront Brewery Crawl

Cap Riv is the best place for a real brew.

 The DC brewery scene is growing! We in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood are lucky to have some of the best breweries and beer gardens at our front door.  If you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house, support some local businesses, and taste some delicious new beers, look no further than our Cap Riv Brewery crawl. 

As a beer drinker, there are characteristics about every beer that makes it unique. Living in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood means you don’t have to settle, whether the occasion calls for a genuine draft beer or a stout lager. Every type of beer mood is attainable right where you are. 

There’s restaurant beer. And then there’s brewery beer. 

In an exciting, festive neighborhood like Capitol Riverfront, most things are pretty straightforward; finding a fantastic restaurant, deciding which neighborhood event you want to attend, etc. Easy. But when you’re selecting where you want to get a cold brew, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, you have the right to be pickier. Let’s face it; most restaurants serve some type of beer on their menus. But today isn’t the day for the ordinary. St. Patty’s Day is the time to travel to the places where they specialize in beer. 

We’re talking about types of locations where you can drink the finest beer and become educated on its origin. The real beer spots that can tell you all of the ingredients before a drop hits the bottom of the glass. 

Yes, the breweries.

While some living in some neighborhoods might require you to travel miles to find a suitable brewery. Collective residents do not have that problem! 

Below are some top brewery options to check out this St. Patrick’s Day.

Blue Jacket Brewery: This microbrewery is a popular beer location right next to the water! Their passion is to bring all of the tested beer-making traditions and add an element of experimentation. 

Blue Jacket is open for outdoor dining, pick-up, and delivery. Read more about their delicious beer offerings here.

Atlas Brew Works: This tasteful brewery on Half Street creates exceptional handcrafted artisanal beer. Their local beer-crafting mentality makes them a go-to location for beer lovers in DC. For St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to visit them today for a home-town brew or two. 

The Brig: Located at 8th and L, The Brig has quickly become a neighborhood favorite.  Known for their delicious snacks like bratwurst or pretzels, the Brig’s local beer garden is the place for a drink. Their beer selection is some of the best DC has to offer! Be sure to try the Utica club Pilsner or the Milk and Cookies stout. 

The Brig is currently offering reservations for parties of 5-6 people. All reservations will need to be made at least one day in advance. 

Valor Brew Pub: This local pub located on 8th and I Street is a DC treasure! Executive Chef Trevor Mahoney uses his culinary background in the military as inspiration for the tasty food guest receive when walking into the pub. And the beer is created entirely in house by brewmaster and Navy Veteran Greg Maddrey.  

Another thing that we love about this pub is their attention to Veterans. Valor makes it a point to employ Veterans, use Veteran-owned products, and support Veteran causes, donating 10% of proceeds each time a Veteran and Non-Profit organization hosts an event at Valor. 

Capitol Riverfront is the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day. Your access to great local breweries will make it easy to celebrate the right way!

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