Capitol Riverfront Pizza Crawl

Capitol Riverfront has some of the best pizza in DC!

Capitol Riverfront is the perfect neighborhood to live in for a lot of reasons. One of our favorite reasons is the one Collective residents are very familiar with; the food! Everywhere you look around Cap Riv, there are plentiful restaurant options. Today we will be highlighting restaurants we know that our pizza-lovers would thoroughly enjoy. It might be a little challenging in other DC neighborhoods to find a quality slice, but in Cap Riv, there are several delicious pizza options right around the corner. 

As the weather continues to break and we begin to relish the spring air, there are few things more satisfying than enjoying your favorite topping pizza while enjoying some fantastic Navy Yard scenery. 

Take a look at our Cap Riv pizza list, and let us know which one has the best slice, in your opinion.

Who has the best pizza slice?

The Cap Riverfront Pizza Crawl: 

All-Purpose: Every slice of pizza at All-Purpose is made with fresh, whole wheat bread fermented over three days to create a tasty crunch with every bite. Enjoy some of their most popular pizza-styles like the “Childish Bambino,” which has some meat-lovers toppings. Or the Sedgewick, if you’re looking for a more healthy pizza-style. 

Oath Pizza: Oath Pizza is a Capitol Riverfront gem! Their avocado oil crust, combined with their delicious toppings, makes this restaurant a pizza lovers’ dream. Choose a style from their wide selection of pizza categories, or create a personalized pizza pan.

WiseGuy Pizza: WiseGuy Pizza is the spot for a late-night slice. After a long night of fun in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, stop by for either one piece or an entire pan. WiseGuy allows your hunger level to determine what you buy. 

Their specialty pizza menu is perfect for all types of lifestyles.

Side Door Pizza: This pizza spot in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood is sweet and straightforward! We love how no matter which pizza option you choose, each one is boxed off into squares for your enjoyment. 

Their crust is soft, fluffy, and will melt right in your mouth. 

Andy’s Pizza: Located inside Atlas Brew Works Brewery, Andy’s Pizza is known for its authentic New York style. Enjoy a tasty slice from one of their many pizza combinations; After you chow down on a slice or two, head over to their brewery to pair a sturdy beer with your pizza.  

We The Pizza: We The Pizza is a Capitol Hill staple! Their specialty style pizza is inspired by the rich taste of Italy. Choose from one of their 14 delicious pizza styles. One of our favorite pans includes the “Capitol Supreme” and the “Bacon me crazy”. 

See their full pizza menu here 

Nicoletta’s: Nicoletta’s Pizzeria Navy Yard location is closed for the season, but you can still have it shipped to you from their NYC location. Bring the delicious taste of New York-style pizza right to your front door. 

Extreme Pizza: Their fast-fresh, made-to-order approach to pizza consistently provides exceptional quality within 3 to 4 minutes for whole pizza bake times and slices in only 1 to 2 minutes. 

Extreme Pizza on 8th Street DC currently has a program right now where you can add a ‘donate a pizza’ to your order and they’ll send a pizza to front-line hospital workers. 

Scarlet Oak: Though not an official “pizza spot” Scarlet Oak has a great $5 personal pizzas during their weekly Happy Hour.

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