Capitol Riverfront Restaurant Re-Openings

Today is the day! After months of curbside pickups, and food deliveries, residents will finally have the opportunity to experience outdoor dining again! Yes, you heard correctly. Some of your favorite Capitol Riverfront restaurants are back and better than ever! We couldn’t be more excited to enjoy a small hint of dining normalcy! In preparation for your return back to in-person dining over the next several weeks, we created a small list of everything you need to know about ensuring your dining experience is as safe as possible.

What you need to know

  1. All outdoor dining customers must be seated and patrons must place orders and be served while sitting at tables 
  2. All tables must be at least six feet apart
  3. No more than six people seated at a table
  4. Patrons must be sure to cover their mouth/nose with a mask whenever they are not eating 

For more information about the rules and regulations of each restaurant re-opening please contact the establishment directly, or visit,

If you’re unsure about which restaurants with outdoor enabled sitting services are re-opening in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, here is a list of local favorites that are ready to welcome you back starting this weekend! 

A few Capitol Riverfront restaurants that are re-opening!

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