Collectively, We Thrive: Mike’s Resident Story

Earlier this year, we asked you, our residents, to share your stories about life at Park Chelsea at The Collective and how it allows you to thrive.  Stories poured in about everything from entertaining and impressing guests on the rooftop and in your apartments to training for marathons and rehabilitating injuries in the fitness center, indoor pool and steam rooms.  It is our belief that calling The Collective home truly provides an opportunity for our residents to thrive, and we think that story deserves to be told.

Here, one of our contest winners and residents, Mike, shares his story:

“When we first found Park Chelsea, we were coming from Alexandria and looking to move into the city so we could better experience DC. We began looking about six months before our move-out date (we were pretty excited about the prospect of getting out of the suburbs). Having looked at several apartments around the city, we were continually disappointed – each place was always missing something. Upon our first visit to Park Chelsea, that all changed. We immediately fell in love with this beautiful building (which was still being built at the time) and kept up with the building’s progress as the months went on.


Park Chelsea Apartments | Washington, DC | Capitol Riverfront | Resident Review Quote


After we moved in, I had trouble not calling it “the hotel” – it has everything anyone could possibly want. There are so many exciting events for residents, both in the building and across the city with our included Magnises membership, that I feel like living here makes me part of some exclusive celebrity club. We’ve gotten free (and good) Nats tickets, the opportunity to watch football with a former Redskins player, and a lot of wine, beer, and chocolate from some really cool producers. When there isn’t an exciting event going on, there is a spectacular array of amenities to keep us occupied on rainy days and to provide excuses to skip plans on the nice ones. From the lap pool, to the spectacular roof, to the world-class concierge and residence teams, Park Chelsea is a home that I love to show off to our friends and family.



Outside of Park Chelsea itself, the Navy Yard area is, at least in my opinion, the best place to live in DC. Whether you’re heading to a beer and wine festival or the DC Jazz Fest at the Yards, Navy Yard is your destination for any big outdoor festival or event. Oh yeah, and the baseball stadium is here. Living in Park Chelsea has given us a great home base for us and our friends to head to all of Navy Yard’s great events and restaurants. The only problem is I don’t know if my friends like me or our apartment (a lot of them are moving here when their leases are up, so we’ll see).


Park Chelsea Apartments | Washington, DC | Capitol Riverfront | Resident Review Quote


Nearly a year later, moving to Park Chelsea is the best decision we could have made. It’s the first place in a long time that I can call home and really mean it. Park Chelsea is more than a place to live, it’s a place to experience life.”


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    I’m looking for a 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms,
    non carpet floors.
    2nd to 3rd floor end unit.
    1 bedroom with den, 2nd or 3rd floor end unit.
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    Ms. Smallwood

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