Date Night at The Collective

The Collective is the perfect place for date night.

 Date night is a sacred tradition. When done correctly, a date will have all of the elements of fun, creativity, and most importantly, romance! As a Collective resident, you’re already aware of the many ways you can enjoy a night out in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. But as restaurants and neighborhood events continue to be in a static place at the beginning of this year, we want to give our residents another option to have an incredible date night experience going into the weekend of love. 

The Collective has all the amenities you need for the perfect date night.

Unmatched community features are our identity at The Collective. The amenities that we offer allow our residents to have unbelievable living experiences every single day. Whether it’s tapping into their fitness lifestyle, creating the perfect home for their pets, or having access to the most incredible views in DC, we have pretty much every category covered! Above all, the best part about The Collective community features is the opportunity they allow for residents to create intimate experiences—the types of experiences that go beyond community events. 

As Valentine’s day approaches, we created a blueprint for some ways you can spend date night at The Collective! 

Feel the romance at The Collective

There aren’t too many apartment communities that create the romantic aesthetic of The Collective Apartments- If you’re looking to blow your partner away with a warm, cozy feel for Valentines Day, here’s how you execute it at our community. 

Romantic Date Night

Wine night in the Agora Lounge: The Agora lounge is the perfect place for you and that special someone to have a lovely romantic evening. Enjoy a glass of wine while you bask in front of a cozy fire. The night will flow along smoothly, as you both find yourself immersed in the calming sounds created by the automated piano player. 

Cozy up next to the firepit: Create your camping trip date on the rooftop this Valentine’s Day weekend. Make some popular camping trip snacks inside of your apartment home, pack them up along with some of your favorite bottled drinks, and then cuddle up next to one of our cozy fire pits for an incredible evening of delicious snacks and DC night views! 

Movie Night in the Park Chelsea Lounge: The movie theaters are still closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your movie night date night at The Collective — A bag of popcorn, few packs of your favorite treats, a comfy couch, and access to one of our lounge TV’s is all you need bring home the box office! 

Now that you have some options for a romantic type of night at The Collective, it’s time to switch gears slightly. Our community is also the perfect place for couples who don’t mind a little friendly competition. All is fair in love and war, right?

Here are some options for a competitive date night.

Competitive Date Night:

Create an arcade date night: There are a few places at The Collective where you and your significant other can game it up for a night of competitive fun and laughs. Let’s break it down! We’ll call it the Valentines’ Day love games! You will play four rounds of interactive games featured around our community. At the end of the date, you’ll tally up the wins between you and your partner to determine who’s the winner of the Valentine’s Day games! 

Round 1: Billiards 

At The Collective, there are a few locations where you can play a game of pool! Pick one of your favorite pool tables in the community and let the best person win! 

Round 2: Golf

Drive a few balls inside the golf simulator room! The person with the furthest total distance wins! 

Round 3: Racketball

If you haven’t used the racketball rooms at The Garrett yet, here’s your chance! Get a few rounds of racketball in with your partner. 

Round 4: Basketball

The fourth and final round of your game date night will be a game of H-O-R-S-E inside of The Garrett basketball gym. Go shot for shot to see who will go home with the date night trophy. 

The Collective amenity package isn’t just about our events or big-name features. It’s also about the micro, personalized experiences that are right at the finger-tips of every Collective resident.

The Ultimate Date Night Experience

With all the amenities and community features at our resident’s disposal, a Collective date night is far from your average date night. Use our ideas, or go a different direction! Either way, The Collective gives you access to create the ultimate date night experience! 

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