Goodwill Pack & Ship

Your spring-cleaning season just got a lot easier! With the help of a new Goodwill service, you can now donate your items more conveniently than ever. 

The Pack & Ship service allows you to mail your donations of clothing, shoes, and accessories to Goodwill at no cost and at a time that is most suitable for the you.

Follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Pack and seal their box of donated clothing, footwear, and accessories

2. Visit:

3. Schedule a date they would like the donation picked up by the U.S. Postal Service

4. Print a mailing label from the website and affix it to their donation box

5. Leave the donation box at the concierge desk on the date they would like it picked up (or deliver the box to their nearest USPS location)


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Pack & Ship

  1. This is awesome!!! Are we able to have the shipping labels printed in the leasing office? I don’t have a printer but have a bunch if stuff to donate.

    1. We’re happy you’re excited about! Unfortunately, the leasing center can’t be used for printing services. There are some great shipping providers in the area though. 🙂

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