Important Pool Reminders for Summer 2024




Summer is just around the corner, and we are thrilled to announce that the rooftop pools at Agora and Park Chelsea have officially opened! As we gear up for a fantastic 2024 Pool Season, we want to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and pleasant experience. Below are some essential rules and regulations to keep in mind.



Pool/Spa Access

Operating Hours

The pool areas will be open daily from 10am to 12am. Please note that The Garrett spas will close at 10pm. During this time, all residents and their guests will need to sign in upon arriving to the rooftop. This ensures that only our residents and their guest(s) are using the pools.


Wristbands are mandatory in the Pool/Spa areas. Residents can collect their wristbands from the building’s Front Desk as of Thursday, May 23rd at 10:00am. Each leaseholder will receive one wristband for the entire season and must pick it up personally. Unfortunately, lost wristbands cannot be replaced.



Guest/Visitor Policy

Guest Limit

Each apartment can bring a maximum of two guests to all indoor/outdoor common areas.

Guest Wristbands

Guests must pick up a daily wristband from the front desk to access the Pool/Spa areas. Residents must accompany their guests when picking up wristbands and remain with them in amenity spaces. Residents are responsible for their guests’ behavior.

Pool/Spa Reminders


Both residents and guests must wear wristbands at all times in the pool or pool area.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed inside the pool, and glass containers are prohibited near the pools. All beverages must be in plastic or shatterproof containers. Check out some of our favorite picks here!


We love pets, but unfortunately they present a health code violation for the pools. Therefore, pets are not allowed in the pool or on the Pool/Spa decks.


Walking, standing, or sitting on the waterfall ledge at Agora is strictly prohibited.


Disruptive behaviors such as horseplay, splashing, diving, cursing, belligerence, and disrespect toward neighbors or staff will not be tolerated.


Broken glass, spills, or anything affecting the pool’s safety or chemical balance will necessitate immediate closure and possibly draining of the pool.

Noise Levels

Please keep music and other noise at a reasonable level out of courtesy to others.


Please, be a courteous neighbor and clean up any drinks or other items you use in the pool area.

Observe Rules

Please adhere to all posted signs and instructions.


The Collective Management, including guards and front desk staff, have full authority to enforce these rules and any other regulations outlined in your lease agreement or posted signage. We reserve the right to remove anyone creating a disturbance or violating any rules at any time. Report any violations to the guard on duty or contact Management at

We strive to maintain a safe, sanitary, and enjoyable experience at our pools. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated to help us achieve this goal. Let’s make this summer a fun and memorable one!

See you at the pool!

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