Independence Day the DC Way


Independence Day is a time of vibrant festivities and patriotism throughout the United States. Here in Washington, D.C., the celebrations are especially remarkable. From historical reenactments to concerts and fireworks, the city offers a wealth of activities for locals and visitors to enjoy. Join us as we guide you through an exciting itinerary for an unforgettable Independence Day celebration in Washington, D.C.


Step Back in Time at the National Archives Celebration (9-11 am)

dc national archives Immerse yourself in American history at the National Archives Celebration. From 9 am to 11 am, witness a captivating reading of the Declaration of Independence by talented reenactors portraying historical figures like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. This engaging experience brings the past to life, accompanied by musical performances from The Experience Band and Show and other special guests.




Cheer on the Washington Nationals at the Annual Independence Day Game washington nationals baseball

Join the excitement at the Washington Nationals’ Annual Independence Day Game as they take on the Cincinnati Reds. Although the game starts at 11:05 am, don’t worry if you arrive a bit late—just hop on the Green Line Metro for a quick three-stop ride from the Archives to Nationals Park. Witness America’s favorite pastime and soak up the electrifying atmosphere of the game.



Savor a Classic American BBQ Lunch at Yards Park

barbeque platter After the game, head to Yards Park, conveniently located near the baseball stadium, for a mouthwatering BBQ lunch. Indulge in delicious dishes at Due South, followed by refreshing cocktails by the water at Due South Dockside. Enjoy the flavors of American cuisine and soak up the scenic ambiance, creating a relaxing break during your day of celebration.






Experience the Star-Studded ‘A Capitol Fourth’ Concert on the National Mall

Head down to the National Mall and prepare to be enchanted by the ‘A Capitol Fourth‘ concert. Starting at 8 pm, this musical extravaganza features performances by renowned artists such as Chicago, Boyz II Men, Belinda Carlisle, and many more. Arrive early to secure an excellent viewing spot and immerse yourself in patriotic musical performances.


Witness the Breathtaking National Fireworks Display dc fireworks

Fortunately, being at the National Mall puts you in the perfect position to witness the grand finale of the day—an awe-inspiring fireworks display. At precisely 9:09 pm, the night sky comes alive with a 17-minute spectacle launched from both sides of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Prepare to be captivated as the vibrant colors burst and dance across the sky, illuminating the iconic landmarks that surround you.


Want to Avoid the Crowds? Head to the Roof!
Agora Rooftop Lounge

If you prefer to avoid the bustling crowds, residents of The Collective should head up to the rooftop, which has an incredible view of the fireworks. Watch the ‘A Capitol Fourth’ concert on PBS and enjoy an excellent vantage point for not only the National Fireworks display but also the surrounding displays from Maryland and Virginia. Relax, unwind, and celebrate Independence Day with a more intimate and serene atmosphere from the comfort of your home.



Washington, D.C., offers an incredible array of activities to celebrate Independence Day. From immersing yourself in history at the National Archives to cheering on the Washington Nationals, indulging in classic American cuisine, and experiencing the star-studded ‘A Capitol Fourth’ concert, the city provides a memorable and patriotic celebration. As the night sky lights up with the magnificent National Fireworks display, you will truly experience the spirit of Independence Day the DC way.

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