Meet the Park Chelsea Team: Connor Fay

Over the next few months, we’re giving our residents (and future residents!) an opportunity to get to know the Park Chelsea team a little better with a series of Meet the Team posts! Today, we’re hearing from Park Chelsea Leasing Consultant Connor on what brought him here, what he loves about the building and the neighborhood and what he’s up to when he isn’t hard at work!

How did you end up in DC?
I was born and raised in the DC area. I grew up in Rockville, MD and went to high school at Gonzaga in Washington DC. After brief stints in the Outer Banks, NC, Pensacola, FL, and Europe, I am back in DC ready to make it my home.

What made you want to come work at Park Chelsea/The Collective?
Park Chelsea and the Collective is such a dynamic and innovative project that I wanted to be apart of it. There will definitely be challenges along the way with leasing over 1100 units in the coming years, but I love a good challenge!

When you’re not working at Park Chelsea, where can we find you?
I’ll most likely be at one of the local DC sports teams home game. I’m a huge DC sports fan and love going to games. I can’t wait for the new DC United stadium to open down the street!

If Park Chelsea were a House of Cards/Scandal character, what would it be?
I would say Park Chelsea is Frank Underwood. Although I don’t agree with some of his methods, he worked his way to the top with innovative thinking and he never stopped working towards that goal. I think that Park Chelsea and the Collective will become the most desired community to live with the shared amenities and commitment to excellent service.

What are you Netflix-binging on right now?
I just started watching Master of None because I think Aziz Ansari is hilarious. I am getting ready to start watching Bloodline as well because I’ve heard great things. I’m always open to new suggestions though!

If you were to work from home, which Park Chelsea space would you choose?
I would definitely go outside to the rooftop and grab one of the comfy seats by the fire pits. I love being outside and there’s WiFi on the roof!

When you want to unwind at the end of the day, where do you go?
I would probably head to the steam room and relax for 10 minutes. Then I would probably head to one of the local happy hours like Agua 301 or Due South with friends!

How do you work on your wellness/fitness at Park Chelsea?
I swam in high school and was at lifeguard at the beach for 7 years so you will probably find me in the indoor lap pool.

How does life at Park Chelsea allow you to challenge yourself?
It allows me to challenge myself in a few ways. I’m challenged every day to get outside and learn more about the neighborhood because there are so many cool developments and new businesses coming to the area.

Describe your perfect day at Park Chelsea:
My perfect day would start out with a quick workout at the fitness center because I know that won’t happen after work. Then interacting with the residents and potential new residents to make sure everyone is happy and having fun because that’s what we want at Park Chelsea.

3 words to describe Park Chelsea
Innovative, Convenient, Luxurious

What’s your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood and what do you order?
Osteria Morini. They have delicious, real Italian food. I usually get the choose 3 crostini to start.  During the winter,  I’m getting the Cappelletti pasta dish.  I’m a big fan of the Grigliata Mista too.

If Park Chelsea were a drink, what would it be?
Although I’ve never had one, the first drink that comes to mind is a Cosmopolitan. It’s sophisticated and high class just like Park Chelsea.

What’s a local organization doing good in our DC community that residents and readers should know about?
THEARC is a home away from home that has provided help to children and families living east of the Anacostia River. It is run by Building Bridges Across the River and has offered dance classes, music lessons, and continued education for many underserved children and adults.

Where is your favorite spot to grab lunch in the neighborhood?
I try to head out to a new place every day but sometimes the food trucks don’t let me get very far. If I had to pick one place it would be Blue Jacket. Great atmosphere and their Fried Mumbo Chicken sandwich is awesome. Get tater tots instead of fries…trust me.

Where do you head for happy hour?
My favorite place for happy hour is Agua 301. They have happy hour every day from 3:30-7:00 and even from 9:00 PM to close. You can get 2 tacos for $5 and they make a delicious margarita for only 6 bucks.

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