Meet The Team: Ashley Weatherly

Get to know your Collective team a little better with this series of Meet the Team posts! Today, we’re hearing from Ashley Weatherly, our Activities and Events Manager for The Collective. Learn what brought Ashley to DC and The Collective, what she loves about The Collective and the neighborhood, and what she is up to when she isn’t hard at work! 

How did you end up in DC? 

After several years of living in Canada and the UK, I ended up in DC because my mother lives nearby in Annapolis, Maryland. But the real reason I stayed is that this city is constantly growing and evolving, and I love that so many great food and entertainment options are popping up all over the District.

What made you want to come work at The Collective? 

My great and exciting job aside, I wanted to work at The Collective specifically because Capitol Riverfront is actually my favorite DC area. There’s so much to do, and it’s only a short walk to tons of amazing restaurants, as well as the best bookstore in DC, East City Bookshop (not to be confused with another great, Capitol Hill Books).

When you’re not working at The Collective, where can we find you?

At the cinema, a cool new restaurant, or relaxing at home with a book/Netflix. And when I’m particularly lucky, you’d find me traveling to a new city.

If you were to work from home, which Collective space would you choose? 

Hands down it would be the Agora rooftop. But if the weather doesn’t cooperate, then I love how cozy the Garden room at Park Chelsea is.

When you want to unwind at the end of the day, where do you go? 

Depends on the day! Sometimes I want to go home and chill with my cat, and other times I want to have a drink and dinner out with friends.

How would you work on your wellness/fitness at The Collective? 

While I love that I could swim laps or take a yoga class at The Collective, I honestly love that the neighborhood lends itself so well to walking around. Within minutes I could be shopping in Eastern Market, but equally, I could take the Anacostia Trail or even head to the Wharf.

How do you think life at The Collective allows residents to thrive? 

There is just so much to do at The Collective, and I feel that this allows residents to focus on what they really want to be doing, whenever they feel like doing it. Don’t feel like getting dressed to go walk the dog? No problem, just take the elevator to the roof. Want to take a spin class but don’t have time to walk anywhere? You’re covered, there are Pelotons and live classes in your home. I mean, just think how much easier grocery shopping will get when Whole Foods opens!

If you were a resident, what would your perfect day at The Collective look like? 

Hmm… I’d probably spend my entire day on the roof and put some snacks and a few drinks in the fridge so I wouldn’t even have to go back down to my apartment! In the winter though, you would definitely find me cozying up with a book by one of the many fireplaces, especially the one on the Agora’s third floor—I’m determined to hear the mysterious Collective resident who I’ve been told plays the Steinway amazingly well.

What is your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood and what do you order? 

This is so difficult! For a quick meal I’d head to Rasa and build my own bowl of great Indian staples, or if I wanted something more sit-down, I’d go to The Salt Line, and order a ‘Gansett and the lobster roll (buttered, of course!).

Where do you head for happy hour in the Capitol Riverfront? 

I think the better question might be where DON’T I go to Happy Hour! But Agua 301 is my current favorite since they have both drink and food specials.

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