Park Chelsea’s Amazing New Fitness Center

New year, new you! And what better way to kick off your fitness journey than with a newly updated fitness center at Park Chelsea at The Collective? We are excited to announce the latest additions to our state-of-the-art facility, designed to elevate your workout experience. From a Glute Drive machine to an Inner/Outer Thigh machine, a multi-press, and even an Assault Bike, we have everything you need to take your fitness to the next level.

Discover the Latest Additions to Park Chelsea’s Fitness Center

Prepare to redefine your workout regime at Park Chelsea’s updated fitness center at The Collective, showcasing a range of new, high-quality equipment. Our Glute Drive machine offers targeted workouts for your posterior, while the Inner/Outer Thigh machine focuses on leg strength. The new multi-press machine is a game-changer for upper body workouts, and our Assault Bike will rev up your cardiovascular fitness. A sleek, free-weight storage rack introduces a myriad of new accessories for versatility in your routines. To add to the excitement, we’ve included a 3-sided Plyo box for agility, and a Pilates Reformer for those who prefer low-impact, high-intensity exercises.

You Asked, We Listened!

Why did we make these changes? The Collective’s Athletic Program Coordinator, Adam Murphy, says “We are committed to our residents and helping them achieve their fitness goals. We hope that by listening to resident feedback and learning what new additions would improve our offerings, residents can feel comfortable knowing we’re truly invested in their well-being.”

Elevate Your Upper Body Workouts with the New Multi-Press

multi press machine

Step up your strength training game with the new multi-press machine at Park Chelsea’s renovated fitness center. Designed for optimum upper body conditioning, this machine engages key muscle groups, including your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Experience the thrill of multi-dimensional workouts that not only build strength but also enhance muscular definition. With the multi-press machine, every rep is an opportunity to challenge yourself and redefine your fitness journey. Unleash your potential and experience the transformative power of advanced strength training with our new multi-press machine.

Get the Perfect Glutes with the Glute Drive Machine

glute drive exercise machineExperience the effectiveness of focused toning with the innovative Glute Drive machine at Park Chelsea’s state-of-the-art gym. This breakthrough fitness equipment focuses on and strengthens your glute muscles, reimagining your backside workout. Sculpt well-defined, robust glutes with precise movement and resistance that solely focuses on this essential muscle group. The Glute Drive machine brings diversity and exactness to your workout regime, amplifying outcomes. Get ready to elevate your glute training and feel the impact of specialized exercise.


Upgrade Your Fitness Routine with the Pilates Reformer

Pilates reformer

Diversify your fitness routine with our Pilates Reformer, a new addition to Park Chelsea’s fitness center. This versatile machine offers a comprehensive, low-impact workout that strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, and boosts overall body control. Ideal for all fitness levels, the Pilates Reformer allows for a wide range of exercises, targeting every muscle group. This precision-oriented workout helps enhance muscle tone, posture, and joint mobility. With the Pilates Reformer, experience a unique blend of strength and flexibility training that redefines your fitness experience. Read more about the benefits of Pilates here.

Not sure how to use the reformer? No worries! Murphy also mentions “we’re hosting a Pilates instructor to teach a free workshop on how to properly and safely use the newly installed Pilates Reformer.”.

Unleash Your Inner Athlete with a New Plyo Box

plyo box Jumpstart your agility and power training with our new 3-sided Plyo Box. This versatile addition allows for a variety of plyometric exercises, boosting your explosive power and speed. It enhances your athletic performance, giving you a competitive edge. Challenge yourself with high-intensity workouts that build strength and endurance, all while keeping workouts exciting. So, are you ready to discover your inner athlete and push your limits? Start training with our Plyo Box today at Park Chelsea’s refreshed fitness center!


Enhance Your Leg Day with Inner/Outer Thigh Machine

Say goodbye to mundane leg workouts with our new Inner/Outer Thigh machine at Park Chelsea’s fitness center. This inner/outer thigh machine dedicated equipment will revolutionize your leg days, targeting those tough-to-reach inner and outer thigh muscles for an enhanced lower body workout. With its unique functionality, you can effectively tone and strengthen your thighs, taking your leg training to new heights. Transform your leg day experience with the Inner/Outer Thigh machine and feel the difference in every stride.



Additional Fitness Programming Updates

When asked about what else is new for The Collective’s fitness programming in 2024, Adam also shares “Our January fitness programming push includes specialty classes in cardio kickboxing, Tai Chi, and an additional eight sport-specific timeslots to the Basketball Court Calendar. Overall, there are 60 fitness and nutrition events planned for January. With such a comprehensive fitness program, our goal is to try to provide something for everyone. As the dedicated athletic program coordinator, residents are always encouraged to reach to me with feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how we can continue to make our fitness program the best in class.”. Adam and The Collective’s event team can be reached at


Embrace a new era of fitness at The Collective. With Park Chelsea’s upgraded fitness center, every workout is an opportunity to surpass your goals. From the Glute Drive machine to the Pilates Reformer, we’ve got your fitness journey covered. Ready to experience the change? Schedule a tour at The Collective and step into a new you this year!

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