Pool FAQ & Etiquette For Maximum Rooftop Enjoyment

The Collective Pool Etiquette


Summer is here in full force, and that means our rooftop pools are getting some good use!  With that being the case, we would like to take the opportunity to provide some answers to our most frequently asked pool-related questions and remind everyone of some general pool etiquette. The information provided below applies to the pools at both Agora and Park Chelsea. 



Can I bring food and drinks to the pools?

Yes, please feel free to bring your beverages and snacks to the pool, but remember: glass of any kind is prohibited within the pool area enclosure.  All beverages must be in nonbreakable plastic or metal containers.  Broken glass in or near the pool could force us to close and drain the pool, a process that could take 72 hours or more to complete – you don’t want to be the person responsible for this!  

Are pets allowed near the pool?

No, pets are not allowed within the pool enclosure area or inside of the pool, but they are welcome throughout the rest of the rooftop.

How many guests can I bring to the pool?

Residents may bring two guests per apartment into the pool area. Guests must be accompanied by the resident at all times unless approved by Management.

What are the rooftop pool hours?

The rooftop pools are open between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm, 7 days a week (seasonally).

How can I keep my beverages ice cold when I’m on the roof?

There is an ice and water dispenser as well as a refrigerator near the outdoor living room area of the rooftop, through the doors to the right of the big screen TV.

Where can I shower off before entering the pool?

All swimmers are required to rinse off before entering the pool.  For your convenience, showers are located within the restrooms adjacent to the pool area.

Am I allowed to reserve the pool?

To ensure full use of the area for all residents, the pool is not able to be reserved for private events.  There are, however, 3 other reservable spaces throughout the Park Chelsea rooftop and 2 reservable spaces throughout the Agora rooftop. Ask your leasing consultant for more details!


General Pool Etiquette:

To help ensure an enjoyable experience for all residents and guests using the pool area, please:

Keep noise to a minimum: All music should be kept at a reasonable volume, and voices should be kept at a conversational level.

Respect time limits on reserving seats: If using a towel to mark your seat by the pool, residents, and guests should be absent from the pool area for no more than 1 hour.  If this time limit is exceeded, your towels are subject to removal by the pool attendant in order to make room for present pool-goers.

Clean up after yourself: Please utilize the recycling and trash bins to dispose of any waste and be sure to take all belongings with you when leaving the pool area. The Collective is not responsible for any personal items left behind.  In the event that the trash or recycling bins are full, please alert the concierge and take any waste with you to the refuse room on your residential floor.

Minimize splashing: Whether swimming or goofing around, mind those around you when you’re in the pool.

Don’t block the stairways: When in the pool, be mindful of blocking any entrances or exits to the pool.



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