Studio C at Park Chelsea: Featured Floor Plan

Studio apartments can often be difficult to configure, especially when you’re not used to living in one. For those who struggle to layout their studio spaces, we introduce you to the Studio C at Park Chelsea. With a design that creates excellent separation of space, timeless and warm contemporary finishes, and impeccable natural light, the Studio C has something for everyone.

studio c floor plan at park chelsea


Why We Love The Studio C at Park Chelsea

Separation of Space

Studio C living space
The separation between the living space and the storage areas means you can entertain and and do laundry at the same time.

We love how this floor plan addresses the challenge of separating storage space from the living space while still offering adequate amounts of both. The unique “L-shape” of this floor plan means that your closet space and laundry are out of view from the main living area. This gives you more space in the living area to have seating for when you’re entertaining guests. If you’re new to living in a studio apartment, check out some helpful tips!




Ample Storage

Studio C laundry closet
The double width laundry closet allows for flexible storage space in addition to the two main closets.

In a studio apartment, every inch of storage space is key. The Studio C floor plan takes this need very seriously. Not only do you have two closets side-by-side, you also have a generous amount of storage in the laundry closet, with built in shelving that can double as pantry space as well as plenty of room for those items you can never seem to find a home for in a small space such as your cleaning tools and supplies. We’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out the substantial amount of cabinets and counter space in the kitchen area.


Finishes For All Preferences

Whether you prefer lighter, warmer finishes or a more modern feel through darker finishes, we’ve got you covered. On the even floors, you’ll find the darker finish packages featuring gray engineered hardwood flooring and darker wood cabinets to compliment. Conversely, you’ll find a warmer oak-colored engineered hardwood with lighter cabinets to compliment on the odd-numbered floors.



Why We Think You’ll Love The Studio C at Park Chelsea

Value Collective Work Space

If you’re looking for a well-equipped studio apartment at a competitive price in Capitol Riverfront, this is the floor plan for you. Enjoy 473 square feet of impeccably well though out space in one of DC’s most in demand neighborhoods while staying under $2000*. Additionally, you have access to over 100,000 square feet of combined amenity space as a resident at The Collective. From countless common spaces, The Collective Work, and 3 connected rooftops, there’s no compromise between having a minimalistic space and vibrant spaces to entertain friends and family.


Studio C’s southern exterior exposure provides consistent natural light throughout the day.

Natural Light

Given that this floor plan is located on the south-facing exterior of Park Chelsea, you’re in a position to enjoy maximum exposure to natural light. With the large window in the living area, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent sunlight throughout the day. Another great feature of all of our apartments at The Collective is that they come equipped with mecho shades, meaning you can very easily moderate that natural light if you need to.



The star indicates Studio C’s convenient location within Park Chelsea.

Not only is this floor plan located in a prime location for natural light, it’s also very conveniently located with an ideal distance to the service elevator, refuse room, and main elevators. We think you’ll appreciate this on move in day as it will help to make the experience a breeze.








We believe the Studio C floor plan at Park Chelsea is a great option that provides an incredible amount of storage and value. Between the thoughtful design, incredible natural light, and generous amount of storage, this floor plan provides the everything you need in a Studio apartment. Check out the virtual tour below, or click here and schedule your tour today!


*pricing and availability are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.

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