The Collective Apartments Fitness Coordinator: Adam Murphy

Advancing the idea of fitness at The Collective

At The Collective Apartments, we’re always thinking of new ways to achieve our residents’ perfect way of living. This most “ideal” living experience looks different for every person that lives in our community. And we’re okay with that! Our team at The Collective finds joy in carefully curating events that cater to diverse interests Collective residents represent. 

As we continue to thrive towards evolving the way we reach our residents, we’re excited to welcome a new team member to The Collective family. Introducing, The Senior Events and Fitness Coordinator, Adam Murphy!

Because Collective Fitness is more than going to the gym.

In this role, Adam will focus on creating interactive fitness experiences that expand beyond simply going to the gym. His 15 year background in bringing people together through competitive events at GWU will serve him well in this endeavor. For Murphy, his mission, as he puts it is to “appeal to residents in new ways.” 

He anticipates by taking this approach, The Collective’s event line-up will attract residents that don’t attend events as frequently. 

What can Collective residents look forward to from this new role? As COVID-19 restrictions ease over time, residents can expect to see:

1. Expanded group fitness class options

2. Regularly scheduled pick-up team sports

3. Community sporting tournaments

4. Better knowledge about fitness equipment 

We’re excited to be adding Adam to The Collective team. We’re confident that current residents and future residents are going to take full advantage of all the new programming and experiences that are going to come.

For questions about The Collective fitness lifestyle, email: 

Adam Murphy Sports Teams Fun Facts:

Favorite Hockey Team: New York Islanders

Favorite Tennis Player: Pete Sampras

Favorite Golf Player: Tiger Woods/Justin Johnson 

Favorite Football Team: New York Giants

Favorite Basketball Player: Jason Kidd/Micheal Jordan

Favorite Baseball Team: Washington Nationals/New York Yankees


One thought on “The Collective Apartments Fitness Coordinator: Adam Murphy

  1. Dear Alex –

    I have two ideas. Can we just start the aqua boot camp at 6:45 or 7 so that the amazing instructor can make it on time?

    Also can we add another aqua boot camp to the schedule so we can go two nights?

    Take care and thank you for reading my email message.


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