The Collective Fitness Challenge

We know that Collective residents are passionate about health and fitness. This is apparent by our impressive fitness center attendance and the growing number of sign-ups for our various fitness classes! This health and fitness initiative has driven us to want to see which floor at The Collective is the true TOP DOG of fitness is at The Collective. What better way to find this out than with a fitness challenge?

The Collective Apartments is proud to introduce, The Collective Fitness Challenge! A resident fitness competition that tracks a group’s workout activity to determine one winner.



  1. Each floor at The Collective will represent a “Fitness team”
  2. Each “Fitness Team” will have exactly one month to gain as many combined “steps” as they can.
  3. After one month we will tally the steps of each fitness team, and the team with the most will be crowned the winner!
  4. The Collective Fitness Challenge begins on January 15th and ends on February 15th.


Each team will be required to track all fitness activity through “The Collective Challenge” App. Once you click the link, follow the prompts to download the app. Use code, “THECOLLECTIVEDC”

If you have any trouble registering for the fitness application, please email us at




The winning fitness team will be rewarded with an exclusive private happy hour hosted by The Collective on Thursday, February 20th.



If you have any questions about the rules, sign-ups, or the prize for winners; please contact Ashley Weatherly via email using:


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