Tips For Moving Day

We are so excited to be welcoming our very first residents! Moving in to a new apartment is such a gratifying life event but without proper planning it can be unnecessarily aggravating. We’ve got a plan in place to make the day less stressful for all of us.  Here are our tips for moving day to help keep this day exactly the way it should be: full of joy and enthusiasm.  

Tips For Moving Day

The Week/Day Before the Big Move:

Check in with your move-in coordinator to ensure you’ve got the correct move-in date and time.

Be sure you’ve booked the elevator and moving dock at the building you’re moving out of so there are no delays or mishaps on moving day.

Confirm pick-up time with your movers and make sure they’ve got all the details, such as what floor you’re moving out of and in to, and how they can be reached the day of.

Read the fine print on your contract with the moving company. If you have hired movers, make sure you fully understand and accept all of their policies and terms to avoid disappointment and frustration later.

Pack an overnight bag with items such as snacks, water, toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, a change of clothes, electronics chargers and scissors to get you through the first night without having to tear through boxes in your fatigued state.

Before you unplug the TV take a photo of the back so you know where everything goes when you plug it back in.

Easily pack the clothes on hangers by collecting sections of clothes in trash bags, hangers sticking out of the top.  Hang in your new closet and pull the bag off, then put it to good use collecting move-in waste.

Take a photo of your current apartment to ensure the return of your security deposit reflects the condition you left it in.

Make sure you’ve arranged for a caregiver for pets for the day of the move; this is for your sanity as much as it is for theirs.

Tips For Moving Day

The Day Of the Big Move:

Wake up bright and early and treat yourself to a well-balanced breakfast and coffee.  This one may not sound fun but you’ll thank us by mid-afternoon.

Check the weather and dress accordingly wearing comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothes. Pack extra gloves in Winter and a change of clothes in the heat of Summer.

Fully charge your cellphone and make sure you’ve got all of the important phone numbers on hand for the day: movers, landlord, leasing agents, etc.

Scour the web for close-by restaurants where you can order a quick lunch and dinner without losing much time or energy during the move.

Leave a broom, paper towels and all-purpose cleaner at your old apartment so you can do a final sweep when the last boxes are out.

Try to stay on schedule – we’re thrilled to welcome so many residents in our very first month, but this means we all need to respectful of each other’s time.  Please be courteous about the time slot you’ve been assigned and alert your leasing agent or move-in coordinator as soon as you know you might have fallen behind or ahead of schedule.

Save your used boxes (and your tired feet) – once you’ve collected ten used and broken down boxes in your new apartment, let us know! We will gladly collect them from your apartment and recycle the boxes for you.

Tips For Moving Day

A Few Green Moving Tips:

Consider using a service like Repax, which delivers sturdy, reusable moving bins to your door and picks them back up when you are done using them.

Try packing your fragile items in cloth items that are also being packed, such as dishcloths, clean socks, rags or even your clothes.  This helps reduce waste and makes packing even more efficient in terms of space.

Take the time to donate or post your unwanted items on Craigslist instead of throwing them away.  You’ll be surprised what people will be willing to take off of your hands!  Please do this BEFORE your move as we cannot accommodate bulk trash.

We wish you a safe and happy move, and try not to be late! Can’t wait to see you!!

Tips for Moving Day


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  3. That’s a good tip to know the floors your moving in to and out of. That way you’ll be on top of your details. To help our move go smoother, my wife and I are considering storing some things in a unit before the move.

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