Top Locations to Watch the 2020 Olympics in Capitol Riverfront

Capitol Riverfront is the perfect place to be for the Summer Olympic Games! 

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games are kicking off this Friday, and you couldn’t be located in a better DC neighborhood than Capitol Riverfront! In DC’s fasting growing community, you have access to some of the best locations to take in all of the action of the Olympic games. Over the next couple of weeks, our nation will compete for gold in a wide variety of sporting events. We can’t wait to see the high-speed action of track and field, the intense, deep-diving swimming fun, team USA dominance in basketball, and the high-flying heroics of Simone Biles in gymnastics!  There’s so much to get excited about, and it all begins right here in Capitol Riverfront! Below is a list of some great locations in Capitol Riverfront to hang out with friends, grab a drink, and take in two long weekends of the Olympic games! Check out our list, and decide which spot works best for you! You can hit one setting all Olympics long, or you can switch it up from day to day depending on your mood! 

1. Scarlett Oak 

Scarlett Oak is one of our favorite bar locations in Capitol Riverfront. Its cozy, intimate setting is ideal for cheering on all the Olympic competitions! In addition, their drink menu is an absolute gem. Our go-to is the Moscow mule or a variation of a spicy margarita!  As a bonus, Scarlett Oak also has an excellent outdoor area that is a good change-up if you’re looking to get some fresh air or just want a lovely outdoor aesthetic while enjoying a drink.  Check out a complete list of their food and drink menu here:

2. Atlas Brew Works

Atlas Brew Works on Half Street is a prime location to check out the Olympic Games! We love the outdoor/ indoor setting of this restaurant. When you visit, you have the option to sit completely indoors where they have televisions located in their bar seating areas, or you have the option to sit in the exposed seating area where you will face Half Street. Having both dynamics give you the freedom to engage with the Olympic games or simply vibe out on Half Street! Dive deeper into Atlas’s menu options here:  

3. Stadium Sports

Speaking of fantastic sporting vibes, Stadium Sports is one of those unquestioned locations when it comes to figuring out where to watch the Olympics this year! The atmosphere you feel when you walk into this location is unmatched! The mantra of this DC bar is, “good food, good drinks, and good times.” You will quickly realize that this motto is an understatement from the moment after you walk into this bar. While Stadium Sports does offer great drinks, they are also well-known for their smoke-house experience. As put so elegantly by them, their grill masters respect the power of the open flame!  Put Stadium Sports on your Olympic watch list right now! We promise that you won’t regret it.  Take a look at their menu options here:  

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

If you’re looking to stay on Half Street, you can never go wrong with catching some of the Olympic action at Buffalo Wild Wings! Unbelievable wings and incredible vibes are synonymous with B Dubs. Add those elements with the excitement of the Olympic games, a group of your closest friends, and some good drinks, and you will create an atmosphere like no other! 

Take a look at their menu to build your perfect wing and drink combination ahead of time.   

5. Big Stick

The Big Stick is an easy go-to when you think about identifying a location to watch the Olympics. With televisions displayed everywhere that you look, and the tasty drinks flowing, you will be engulfed in an electric sports setting all Olympic games long! Big Stick is hands down one of our favorite Capitol Riverfront gems. Be sure to make some time to head over to watch your favorite athletes compete for gold this Olympic season.

Take a look at their full menu here. 

6. Watch the Olympics at The Collective

Before you start exploring the local bar locations in Capitol Riverfront to watch the games this year, take a second to think about the various lounge spots we have right here in our community! As a Collective resident, you have access to what will feel like an endless supply of settings to relax, interact, and, most importantly, have fun as you enjoy the Olympics. 

Pick a rooftop, any rooftop: Everyone that lives at The Collective knows that we’re known for our excellent rooftop lifestyle! Our residents have access to three different rooftop spaces designed to create a beautifully warm aesthetic. So when you’re trying to pick which rooftop you will choose to watch the games, there isn’t such thing as a wrong answer! Each rooftop comes equipped with size-able televisions, cozy sitting areas, enough room to spread out, and even grilling stations that will come in handy as you work up your appetite engaging in all of the Olympic excitement! 

We have common lounge areas, too: If you’re looking for more of an indoor setting to enjoy the Olympics, we have those too! Three rooftops mean three indoor lounges, right? Wrong! At The Collective, we offer residents five indoor lounge areas between all of our buildings where they can get together with family/friends to enjoy all of the fun of the Summer Olympics. Each lounge area features interactive elements to make you feel right at home for every hour you spend in the space. Some of our indoor lounge areas also include intimate bar seating areas perfect for a delicious drink or two between the Olympic action. 

The first one is on us: To kick off some of the Olympic fun, our Collective events team has set up a special “dive-in” pool watch party on July 27th from 8 PM-11 PM in the Agora Pool. Here residents will experience team USA in primetime on the big screen! Yes, we will have a giant screen located at the Agora, where Collective residents will be in the pool watching and interacting with neighbors! This event is sure to be to create an unforgettable night! 

Learn more about this event by emailing: 

Capitol Riverfront and the Olympics blend so well together! So be sure to engage with all of the fun of the games the right way by visiting one of these interactive restaurants in our beloved Cap Riv neighborhood.

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