Unique, Affordable Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Each year, we make promises to begin our holiday shopping in the Fall and each year, without fail, we find ourselves well into December without even an idea of what to get our loved ones!  Here we are again with a few friends and family members still on our list and time ticking away.  This year, consider one of these unique, affordable gift ideas to make your loved ones feel extra special.  


A Personalized Mug

Everyone we know has a hot beverage of choice- why not give them a drinking vessel with their name on it? Or any other charming detail that you know they’d love. Pick out a perfect mug just for them, decorate with a sharpie, then make it permanent by baking it in the oven at 350°F for 30 minutes!  Click here to see the full tutorial on the A Beautiful Mess blog.

unique affordable gift ideas

Custom Scrabble Coasters

What better way to upcycle an old board game than with these awesome DIY coasters? Customize the words to reflect the taste of the receiver: are they a tea drinker or more of margarita lover?  All you need is the scrabble pieces, some thin cork, hot glue and some clear enamel spray.  See the tutorial on the Domestic for Dummies blog.

unique affordable gift ideas

Mulled Wine Kit

Fill your friends and family members with “holiday cheer” with this homemade mulled wine kit.  A regular old bottle of wine becomes something rich and delicious when you heat it up with some sugar and spice!

unique affordable holiday gift ideas

Homemade Nutella

Is there anything better in life than nutty, chocolatey, heavenly Nutella?  We didn’t think so either until we found this homemade version.  Whip up a double batch and gift some in a pretty jar, like this version.

unique affordable holiday gift ideas

Mini Compliment Book

This adorable and super personalized gift takes a deck of cards and turns it into a “52 Things I Like About You” book.  Take a look at the original post here.



Desk Caddy

This handsome wooden caddy is perfect for holding your phone, pen and other odds and ends in style.  The natural, minimalist design fits in with almost any decor and would look nice in an office or home.

unique affordable holiday gift ideas
etsy.com iSkelterProducts

Waterproof Note Pad

How many times have you beed sudsing away in the shower only to be struck by a brilliant idea or forgotten to-do item?  This gift may not be the most extravagant but is sure to used time and time again.  Plus, you’re loved one is sure to give you some of the credit when their million dollar idea takes off!

unique affordable holiday gift ideas

Playful Bookends

The magical fantasies that come to life within a books pages now take place outside of the books as well with these clever bookends.  There are many styles to choose from: a few of our favorites are the T Rex Attack, the Dragon & Knight and the Tarzan & Jane versions.  See all of the options here.

unique affordable holiday gift ideas
etsy.com KnobCreekMetalArts

Subscription Boxes

These monthly boxes of goodies have gained in popularity over the last couple of years and now theres a subscription box for just about anything.  Gift a few months or a whole year depending on how much you like the receiver!  Some of our favorites are Nature Box, Sock of the Month Club, Bark Box and Trunk Club.

unique affordable holiday gift ideas

Home State Cutting Board

Show some love for your home state with these handmade cutting boards, made in the shape of different states.  Serve up a little home state pride with your cheese platter!

unique affordable holiday gift ideas
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