What can Collective Work do for you?

Collective Work puts more LIFE into your work/life balance.

 The Collective has always been about more than the luxury apartment homes and incredible building features. Our goal was to change the way people looked at apartment communities. We accomplished this by putting resident convenience first in everything we designed. Having this approach has allowed us to create life-changing experiences for our residents. 

The Collective Work is no different. Our in-house co-working space was built with your work convenience in mind. 

As we all continue to adjust to our new “work from home” environments, The Collective Work is the perfect amenity for residents looking for an inspiring workplace to switch up their apartment home scenery. 

More than that, Collective Work is a home office taken to exciting new heights!

What can Collective Work do for you?


Help you get back into your morning routine. 

Collective Work gives you back the “heading to the office” feeling. With dedicated desks that allow you to store your office supplies, you can truly separate your work-life from your home-life. 

Open up your workspace.

Working from home can get a little tight sometimes. Between making sure your work doesn’t get mixed into the other things you have going on in your apartment and always finding extra room for your work supplies.

The Collective Work allows you to step into a real office setting that encourages high-quality work and productivity. You will never have to worry about finding a suitable place to spread your work projects with access to spacious conference room spaces and dedicated desks. 

And more importantly, this ends the never-ending battle of getting splatters of dinner prep on your work devices. 

Places office resources at your fingertips.

Getting back to the office means getting back to the useful office resources you need to make your job easier. The resources including at Collective Work include access to printing, mail services, cleaning services, and of course, hi-speed WIFI. 

Network with your neighbors.

Co-working spaces encourage connection. At Collective Work, you will uncover work and business similarities with your neighbors that you never knew existed! Where that business connection goes from there? That’s up to you; just know that the possibilities are endless!

Choose your co-working tier.

Every resident has different workspace needs. The Collective Work offers three different levels of membership! Decide which one gives you the best opportunity to do your best work.

Hot Desk Membership: For residents who are just looking for a simple workspace outside of their apartment homes.

Dedicated Desk Membership: For residents that are looking for a dedicated work area where they’re able to store their work supplies.

Private Office Membership: For residents that are looking for a place to completely set up shop.

*Each membership includes the ability to reserve conference rooms.

The best commute ever.

How does an elevator ride to the office sound? One of the best features of The Collective Work is its convenient location, of course! As a Collective resident, you are just steps away from the best home office ever.

Learn more about what your work-life could look like at Collective Work.


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